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Rumormongering: Apple to 345 Adams?

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[Image via Brownstoner]

The rendering above shows what 345 Adams, a government-owned building that's fallen into disrepair of late, could look like after Muss Development has its way with the first two floors of the historic structure. Why is this important? Well, because this space is now being shopped around to big name retailers like Apple, Brooks Brothers, Uniqlo and H&M. That's not to say that those companies have signed (or will sign) leases, of course. Reports The Brooklyn Eagle:

Regarding Apple taking the corner space at Willoughby Street, [broker Robert] Greenstone said, “It’s so right for them it’s not funny.” And he ticked off a half dozen reasons why—from the building’s location across from Borough Hall to its proximity to seven colleges and universities, the area’s four brownstone neighborhoods, the 14 subway lines nearby, the Marriott’s 1,100-car parking garage, not to mention the prominence of the space at a prime corner and the elegance of its interiors. “It’s magical and one of the few spaces anywhere in Brooklyn that has the ability to draw the kind of buyer that Apple wants,” he said.
Well, we're sold—but will that pitch work on Jobs?
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