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Alert: Teaser Photos of Upcoming Steven Alan Sale Surface

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This Thursday, Steven Alan is hosting a massive sample sale event at 87 Franklin Street in Tribeca, and brands Gryson, Acne, Doucette Duvall, Superfine, Earnest Sewn, Isabel Marant, Sunshine and Shadow and Borne are all coming to the party. Because racks full of discount merchandise do not materialize out of thin air (well, except for in the perverse daydreams of certain cubical-confined shopping bloggers), Steven Alan staffers have been hard at work the last few days readying the space for an influx of bargain hunters. Providing a preview of the offerings is Guest of a Guest, whose showroom mole was able to snap some shots of the clothing and accessories. A description of the prep: "Yesterday was start-up, day one and consisted of arranging accessories, purses, belts, shoes and what not?.folding, oh the folding?of sweaters, building clothing racks, and carrying massive amounts of boxes back and forth from show room to retail store and then breaking them down." Fun! Super-stealth cameraphone pic above.
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Acne Studios

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Isabel Marant

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