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Whole Foods Straps on the Feed Bags

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Last night, model/activist/incredibly gorgeous person Lauren Bush celebrated the launch of her reusable Feed bag at Bowery Whole Foods. Starting this morning, the tote will be available in every single Whole Foods store in the nation. Befitting a product whose proceeds go to charity, the launch event was small and subdued; in a room at the back of the mezzanine level, friends and family turned out to wish Lauren well and to nibble on cheese and chocolates. The bags were on display on the second floor of the Bowery store (near the apparel), but the staff may move them around in the future.

The totes look different than they did in their original incarnation. Instead of being made totally of burlap with a cotton lining, they're composed of organic cotton with a burlap bottom, and can be folded up and zipped into a little space-saving pouch when not in use. The mission behind the bags, according to Whole Foods' pr: Each $29.99 tote will help provide 100 nutritious meals to hungry school age children in Rwanda through the United Nation World Food Program’s (WFP) School Feeding Program. Not a bad reason to choose these over the many other "eco-totes" out there on the market.
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