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Steve & Barry's to Make Sweet Music in Tower Records Space

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Today, the Times confirms what we've known for some time: cheapo chain store Steve & Barry's will be opening in the space on Broadway that used to house Tower Records. Writer Eric Wilson thinks it's a good fit: "for those who can remember what it was like to wile away an evening browsing the exhilaratingly chaotic downtown Tower store, its coming transformation into a temple of cheap denim short-shorts, cargo pants and walls of novelty T-shirts makes some sort of sense in the arc of cultural evolution. Fashion, as it has become more accessible to a generation that is obsessed with the mass emulation of celebrity style, has surpassed music (and the increasingly archaic concept of the record store) as the retail touchstone of youth." So Forever 21 is our Woodstock? Shudder. The store is slated to open this fall.
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