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Now (Almost) Open: Kidrobot Not Playin' With New Flagship

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Our long nightmare is almost over. After being Kidrobot-less for days, the city will finally have its Dunnies and Munnies back again tonight, as the collectible and streetwear company is opening their new bi-level flagship store at 118 Prince Street in Soho at 6pm this evening. They'll also be streaming the opening beginning at 5:30pm on their website. Expect lines for the night's special guest, B-Boy and graffiti artist East3, as well as for the free t-shirts that'll be given out to early arrivers. If you want a sneak peek at the space, Kidrobot founder Paul Budnitz posted some cameraphone shots of the interior on his blog (galleried above). There will be toys, oh yes, there will be toys.
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