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Shopping The Personals: You Were Tasting Wine Near the Window...

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It's time again for Shopping The Personals, a recurring Racked feature wherein we comb through the retail-based Missed Connections listings on Craigslist.

Plenty of women go to bars expecting to hook up, but why not go right to a booze source, i.e. a wine shop, to cruise? Of course, most of the men you'd meet there are probably buying a bottle to drink with their girlfriends/wives/significant others. Or, they're going to go home to swill alone. But then again, the chance to engage in Sideways-like banter is unparalleled:

1) Williamsburg: "UVA Wine Store on Bedford. The only reason I'm posting this, is because I know nothing will come of it. AND, I have nothing better to do here at work. It was around, 6:10-15 last night. You were tasting wine, right near the corner window. You were very man pretty. Tall, dirty blonde, startling blue eyes. ME, well I would have been the girl you caught looking. I was disheveled as usual. I always look that way after work...but I clean up! Anyways, I felt like posting because why not? You probably have a nice lady already. But to let you know, you are very very pretty." [Listing]

2) BoCoCa: "Smith and Vine Boy. You were on line in front of me last night, paying for your bottle of wine. It was around 7.30 pm. You were tall, short blond hair, and wearing a black coat. We exchanged a classic, cliched, missed connection glance/lookback, and then that was it. What kind of wine did you buy, and with whom were you drinking it?" [Listing]