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Starbucks Unveils Pike Place Roast with Bean Giveaway in Bryant Park!

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It's shaping up to be quite a day in Bryant Park, where coffee behemoth Starbucks just unveiled their new Pike Place Roast, named after the Seattle location of the very first Starbucks store. Celebration of said magnificent occasion came in the form of an announcement by Starbucks officials, followed with a performance by Brooklyn's own a cappella group, New Millennium ("The Way You Do The Thing You Do" into "Life is a Cabaret") right in front of a replica Starbucks store, built in the image of the very same first Starbucks after which the new coffee was named.

Here's the—sorry, this is going to leave a mark—foam on the latte: In the replica Starbucks are free bags of the new roast for all comers (today only; the Parks Department permit expires at midnight). As predicted, Howard Schultz, Starbucks CEO and Pinkberry moneyman, is on site, too, casually chatting it up with midtowners—you know, because out here in Bryant Park it's just like any other day at the local coffee house, man. Cohesive branding strategy, check.
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