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Flops: Celia Birtwell Bows at Express to Little Buzz

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Express' foray into guest-designed collections, Celia Birtwell for Express, launched at stores nationwide yesterday, yet almost no one seemed to care. This could be chalked up to a general feeling of apathy given the sheer number of these mass-market designer lines that have debuted in the past year or so, but the main culprit here seems to be Express' PR team, which really hasn't done enough to hype the collaboration. (Though Birtwell's work for Topshop sold out quickly in the UK, her name's not all that well known stateside.) There's also the cost of the items—$79.50 for a shirt, $128 for a dress—not bad for silk garments, but certainly out of line with much of the rest of the store's pricing. We dropped by the chain's outpost on Broadway in Soho today, and saw full size runs of the blousey, printed tops and frocks hanging untouched at the front of the store. The clothing was actually flattering on, though shirts tended to err a bit too piratey, but we'll wait to buy 'til it hits the sales racks...which should be soon.
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