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RackedWire: Sui To Sweeten Columbus Circle?

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[Photo via The Shophound]

COLUMBUS CIRCLE—There's something afoot in the retail space of the Hearst Building on 56th Street and Eighth Ave. Bloggers Guerilla Shopper and The Shophound both noticed strange Anna Sui signage in one street-level window; curiously, the next features Catherine Malandrino papering. Is the UWS gaining another multi-designer boutique? Intel on the matter, if you have it, is appreciated. [Guerilla Shopper, The Shophound]

THE JERZ—The Starbucks excitement just doesn't end today. The Life Vicarious reports that the chain's planning to go 24hrs Wednesday through Sunday at its Newport outpost. "More and more Starbucks are adopting the 24 hours formula state-wide despite limited profits in the overnight hours; skeleton crews and cordoned-off sections are expected in the late night." [The Life Vicarious]

Anna Sui

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