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Brooklyn Flea Finally Comes Alive in Fort Greene

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With the amount of press that Jonathan Butler and Eric Demby garnered for their Brooklyn Flea, it should have come as no surprise that despite gloomy weather and train issues, the thing was packed to the gills when it debuted yesterday in Fort Greene. The trip over was fun: the closer you drew to the Flea's home on Lafayette Avenue between Clermont and Vanderbilt, the more clogged the sidewalks became with folks heading home from the event. Once inside, the turnout made it a bit hard to shop, but aside from that, there were definite Flea highlights and lowlights.

On the former end, browsing was made all the better with a hot Belgian waffle from the Wafels & Dinges stand. On the latter, no dogs allowed? Really, at an outdoor flea market? The merchandise was the usual mix of vintage clothing, new crafts, antique furniture and housewares and jewelry. One got the impression that there could be more of the crusty, not-so-upscale stands where you have to really dig to find something good, but it was a pretty fun experience nonetheless. Next time, we'll show up closer to when the market opens at ten, so we won't have to shove through half of Brooklyn to shop.
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