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Now Open Saturday Special No. 2: Major Murakami at the Brooklyn Museum

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Today, the the gigantic @Murakami exhibition opened to the public at the Brooklyn Museum. Although the counterfeit installation was nowhere to be found (was that only up for one night?), the rest of the exhibit is pretty amazing. The incredibly comprehensive retrospective, which will be on view through July 13th, spans multiple floors and galleries. It's really obvious that the whole thing took a lot of work to set up—whole rooms and stairwells are papered in Murakami's eye-popping prints, and the museum built a little Louis Vuitton boutique at the center where today, museumgoers were eagerly snapping up pricey purses.

Murakami's always blurred the lines between art and commerce, and there's plenty to both look at and purchase here. The special @Murakami gift shop offered plush toys (priced from $29 to $100), t-shirts ($42) and lithographs ($750, already sold out). Of course, there were also stickers, books, pins and post cards. The merchandise was flying off the shelves, making this a very profitable exhibit for the artist, the museum and Louis Vuitton.
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