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Above The Fray: Queuing Like Crazy at Me&Ro

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[Photo via PropertyShark]

Jewelry brand Me&Ro's sample sale at 13 Crosby Street in Soho sounds like an intense shopping experience. A Racked source's early report:

Just wanted to let you know that I went to the Me&Ro sale last night. I'd suggest getting there before 5 if you don't want to wait in a ridiculously long line outside of the building. I arrived at around 5:45 and did not get into the display area until about an hour later. They were on a very serious one-in-one-out policy, and the space they have is tiny (I guess that's what they get for having the sale in their own showroom.)
They only allowed about 12 people in the room at a time, which was probably 6 people too many. The sale was supposed to end at 7pm, but anyone who was in line at 7 was allowed to move into the building and was promised access to the sale (I have no idea if that happened or not, I had left by then.) The sale itself had a lot of pieces, ranging from rings at $35 and up, earrings at $80 and up, and many necklaces ranging from $200 up to a couple thousand dollars. Too rich for my taste (ok, fine, I bought an adorable pair of earrings for $80) but if you have the cash, it is certainly worth stopping by.
The sale ends at 7pm this evening, so plan your day accordingly.
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