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Now (Almost) Open: John Varvatos Lords Over the New Bowery

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Tomorrow's going to be a big day for the Bowery. The John Varvatos boutique going up in the former CBGB's space at no. 315, which didn't appear anywhere close to being done one month ago, is in fact opening in less than 24 hours' time. Construction and design teams must have been working round-the-clock. This morning, the awning went up and the windows have been revealed.

The interior looks dark and a little foreboding, perhaps in homage to the space's gritty past and the punks who once performed here. Red glowing church candles are positioned next to racks of vintage vinyl to the right, and spectacular black and white photographs of rock gods are framed on the left wall of the store. A gigantic Statue of Liberty stands in the left front window—an interesting touch that got the attention of many passers-by.

The clothes will likely play second fiddle to the major decor inside. We'll have to get a look at them tomorrow: According to the hulking security man at the door, the store is scheduled to open officially at noon. There is currently, however, a flurry of activity at the space as staff buzzes around and folks of the Bowery Mission altercate outside. Rock 'n Roll!
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