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Cynthia Rowley Gets All Whimsical at Target

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Around the time that the news of designer Isaac Mizrahi's parting ways with Target broke, it was revealed that Cynthia Rowley would be stepping in a bit to help the mass retailer. Her collection, Whim by Cynthia Rowley, was described as "focus[ed] on novelty items such as outdoor games and inflatable pools, all given Rowley's irreverent touch." The line has just debuted in Targets around the country, and although there isn't any Whim apparel to be found, Rowley has designed some accessories. A tipster writes: "Avid reader of the site and I don't recall seeing these posted as of yet...Found them in my late night can't seem to find sleep searching at (It's my anti-drug)." There's a good selection of totes and beach bags (galleried above with pricing); a search of Target's website also reveals Whim by Cynthia Rowley plates, glassware, Igloo coolers, stainless-steel shakers, serving trays, picnic blankets, beach umbrellas and chairs, table cloths and more. Basically, she's splashed bright colors and fun prints over everything you'd ever need to throw a summer party. The madras-printed items are especially appealing.
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