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Trader Joensing: Work's Begun on TJ's Brooklyn!

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Was it really almost a year ago that we were dancing to the tune of a steel drum band as Marty Markowitz and Councilmember Bill de Blasio announced that Brooklyn would finally be getting their own Trader Joe's grocery store? Oh how those halcyon days of July have faded. Time has passed so fast since then, and yet, progress on the supermarket has moved oh so slowly. But after months and months of no movement inside the TJ's site on Court Street and Atlantic Avenue, it looks like construction is finally, finally underway. Tipped off by a Lost City post, we dropped by the old Independence Bank space last night to spot—that stuff you see in the above photo! Workers have dug around a bit, and left some equipment in there. It's not shelves filled with Pirate's Booty and Trader Joe's Triple Berry-O's cereal, but we'll take what we can get.

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