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Inside Rick Owens' Hudson Street Boutique

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The folks over at have gotten the first peek inside our new Hudson Square obsession, the Rick Owens boutique coming to 250 Hudson Street between Dominick and Broome Streets. They took video inside the space—which is a huge, high-ceilinged empty rectangular box at present—while chatting with the creepy-cute designer. Owens, all long flowing black hair and chiseled arms, states that he's planning to open the boutique in early July: "The minute the collection hits the floor, we're open." We get a glimpse of the glass tank with circulating fog; it's like a gigantic, upscale lava lamp. Why a fog machine? "Cause fog's nice. It's mysterious, it reminds us all of, like, having blurry vision at a disco at 4 in the morning." The designer also lets slip that Atelier will be moving right down the block from his new store. And with that, it's clear that the nexus of retail cool has shifted to this barren, southwestern area of Soho.
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