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Rumormongering: iPhone Price Chop Imminent

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If you've been waiting for iPhone prices to fall so you can snap one up for a (somewhat) reasonable chunk of change, listen up. Rumor has it that AT&T is planning to subsidize $200 of the cost of the soon-to-be-released 3G models. That means one of those shiny little magic doodads can be yours for the lowish price of $199 (and the cost of being tethered to AT&T for two years, of course). More details on the gadget, from Fortune's tech blog:

The new iPhone is expected to be released on the one-year anniversary of the original iPhone debut June 27 or thereabouts. A few weeks prior to that launch, Apple is planning to stop supplies of the older model iPhone, according to the source. This will help clear out inventory and stir up demand for the new device. It will also attempt to avoid the public relations pratfall Apple made when it cut the price of the iPhone without warning last year.
Start saving up that pocket change.
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