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Jackson Heights Not Feeling Starbucks Fever

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So that new Starbucks store in Jackson Heights, Queens we broke news of in February? Residents aren't exactly welcoming it with open arms. And it's not just for all the typical Starbucks-loathing reasons (sign of gentrification, fear that it'll push out indie coffee shops, general hatred of large corporations). The area's Colombian population is quite happy with the other coffee options available to them, and they don't care for Starbucks' java and pricing. City Room reports:

Residents here in Little Colombia take their coffee seriously. There are dozens of coffee shops, restaurants and bakeries whose operation largely revolves around the big espresso machine behind the counter, continuously pumping out strong, dark coffee, and sputtering steam into frothy pitchers of milk for café con leche, strong with lots of frothy milk and heavy on the sugar. The stuff the Colombians swear by rarely costs more than $1 and doesn’t come in a tall, green-and-white cardboard cup.
Yes, but do those coffee shops and bakeries also offer the new Sia album and espresso brownies made with Starbucks Kenya coffee? We think not.
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