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Shopping The Personals: We Met in the Greeting Card Aisle at CVS

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It's time again for Shopping The Personals, a recurring Racked feature wherein we comb through the retail-based Missed Connections listings on Craigslist.

A trip to the pharmacy is another one of those mundane daily tasks that one doesn't necessarily feel the need to dress up for. But who knows who you'll meet in one of the aisles? Might be a good idea to ditch the sweatpants:

1) Upper East Side: "We met in the greeting card aisle at the CVS on 64th and 2nd sunday 3/30 around 8pm. I was looking for a birthday card and you were looking for an engagement card. I think we made a pretty good team helping each other find cards. When I was ready to check out, I got in line behind you at the register. We talked again for a minute or two, but the line got so long that more registers were opened and I was called to another cashier. When I left the store a few minutes later, I was hoping that I might run into you on my way out but you were already gone. I never did get a chance to say "good-bye" or even introduce myself, so if you read MC and happen upon this, shoot me an email and say hi. Cheers." [Listing]

2) Union Square: "In front of Duane Reade, Bway and 8th, around 7pm. You: 30 something, solid, shorter, s&p hair. Me: bearded, plaid shirt, on phone. You looked back once, then crossed street with friend and down into the subway. You were absolutely fucking adorable. I'd love to buy you a drink...What color was my shirt?" [Listing]

3) Tribeca: "To the girl with the beige overcoat at the Duane Reade at around 2, I think you're super. :) We made eye contact ever so briefly, but I think you're cute." [Listing]