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Billy's Antiques Prefers the Euro, Please

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Perfectly good subway signs line the sidewalk outside Billy's Antiques at 78 E. Houston Street, giving fodder to the spring do-it-yourself projects running rampant in the minds of passers-by exiting Whole Foods.
While the city gears up for outdoor antique markets and beautiful weather for scrounging around Chelsea, it looks like the whole summer might be overcast with the dark cloud of the strong Euro. A recent AP interview with Billy LeRoy of Billy's Antiques has him stating his own preference for the Euro, even if it is only to stockpile them for his buying trips to Paris: "'Whip out dollars at the French flea market now, and they'll shoo you away,' he said at his store near apartment buildings where Europeans are snapping up units because they've become dirt cheap. 'Before it was like the second coming of Christ, but now they don't want it or if they do take dollars, they're going to take their pound of flesh.'" Sounds like there'll be competition thus summer over vintage Amstel Light signs and old Raggedy Ann dolls.
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