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DOH Pulls the Gate Down at Billyburg's Gimme! Coffee

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We've got some bad news for L-train riding espresso drinkers. The tiny Williamsburg outpost of mini-chain Gimme! Coffe at 495 Lorimer Street has been temporarily shuttered by the Department of Health. A Racked tipster writes:

I just called Gimme Coffee in Brooklyn and apparently they're closed. They told me they should be open tomorrow. My friend stopped by on Sunday and said they were closed then too with a sign on the door, possibly from DOH (she couldn't tell where it was from—said something about city ordinance). Could this be the next victim in the rash of DOH attacks in Williamsburg?
According to a cafe staffer, an expired permit is to blame. They're being re-inspected today, and if all goes well, they should reopen tomorrow morning. photo credit
· Gimme! Coffee [Official Site]