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Kidrobot's Trinket Palace Almost a Go in Soho

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Don't panic, but at this very moment, New York is Kid Robot-less. The toy and streetwear-pushing boutique just closed its Pirate Store on Greene Street last week, and are still in the process of putting the finishing touches on their new flagship at 118 Prince Street. Animal dropped by the space yesterday, and took a few photos (galleried above). Their report: "The new duplex space has way more room than their old digs, as well as a lot more plexiglass display cases which will undoubtedly be filled to ad nauseam with their trademark Dunny and cheapy blind boxed trinkets. There's also plenty of rack space for their highly priced pajama-looking hoodies, wacky cardigans, and, shockingly: $65 beach towels!" Expect a lot of Kidrobot fans to be skipping homeroom on Thursday when the store opens.
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