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Falling Back Into the Gap's Clutches

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It's been said before elsewhere, but we have to admit it as well: the Gap is really back. The store, which a mere year ago offered limp and unflattering basics, has been completely reborn. A recent trip to the company's Flatiron outpost (to return one of those Design Editions white shirts) proved treacherous, as there was temptation everywhere. Need a bathing suit? They've got adorable striped bandeau styles and flattering basic black bikinis. A dress? There are so many to choose from. And the t-shirt selection rivals American Apparels'. For men, there are plenty of preppy sweaters, crisp khakis and even a selection of Converse sneakers to pair them with. It seems that the appointment of Patrick Robinson to executive vice president of design was a very good decision indeed. A gallery of our favorite looks, pulled from the retailer's website, is above.
· Gap [Official Site]