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Rackage: Shane & Shawn's Slick Shoe Salon

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Rackage is a look inside recently-opened stores around town. Today, let's pop into the plush new Nolita shoe boutique Shane & Shawn.

Take two indentical twin brothers from Detroit, add a passion for shoe design and a place on People's "Hot Bachelors" list and what you get is Shane & Shawn—a pair who recently opened their first namesake spot, a glowing oasis of a store on Mulberry. There's a decadent punk vibe to their space: all black banquettes and padded walls, a central fountain, their own artwork on the walls, and a pool table pushed off to the side underneath a TV showing "Flight of the Chonchords." The feel of the space is mirrored in their metallic-insoled shoes, ranging from $250+ for urban-western men's boots to $125 women's flats with lots of cut-outs.

And in this city, no store can simply sell stuff; they have to be cultural spaces too. A sales associate clued that Shane & Shawn want to do just this in Nolita. Future plans include hosting gallery shows and regular events in the space, with an aim to develop a reputation as an "ultimate bachelor hangout, but where the women will also feel comfortable." Sounds like champagne dreams with a side of pork rinds.