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Above The Fray: Lots Left At Archetype

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After yesterday's Mayle debacle, it was hard to muster up the energy to visit another sample sale. And yet, the Archetype Showroom event called. Located on an unpleasant stretch of Broadway near NYU, Archetype's offering up a decent selection of women's clothing and your typical, smallish area of men's items. While the place was humming yesterday afternoon, that picked-over feeling had yet to descend.

On the women's side, each rack was devoted to a separate line with Fremont, Lorick, Quail, and Samantha Pleet the most heavily represented. Size-wise, there were plenty of x-smalls and smalls, with a few mediums thrown in, and prices for most women's items was below $200. Of particular note are the amazingly cute pea coats from Fremont ($145) and silk chiffon pieces from Lorick ($100-200).

For men, pickings were slim but decent. Fremont had the best offerings (and a full size run) with shorts, tank tops, trousers, button-ups and light jackets priced from $38 to $109. An entire rack featured Beatrix men's tees (all m or l) going for $20 each along with around 8 styles of shoes by Schmoove that are priced at $60 a pair. There were a few pieces from Corpus left (maybe 3 jackets and a couple pairs of jeans) but nothing worth leaving work early for.

On to the accessories: Pretty Little Thing and Black Sheep & Prodigal Son really make this sample sale worth the visit, especially if you're a fan of unique jewelry like a necklace with a silver charm of humping bunnies or a '24k golden jaw ashtray' with 'natural black diamond' accents ($1300 down from $3500). There really was a lot of standout jewelry—rings, necklaces, earrings, cufflinks, pins priced from $50-60—and a lot of unisex styles. There's also a table of belts, wallets, and bags from Billy Kirk, whose 'Large travel bag' ($195) quietly demands a business class upgrade. Interested? Go over there asap, because it's all out and probably won't last long.
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