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Live at the Mayle Sample Sale

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9:46 AM, 263 West 38th Street, 16th Floor

We're coming to you live from the Mayle sample sale this morning. Doors are slated for 10 AM, and so far our staffers on the scene are reporting unpleasant conditions: "There are 40 people standing around a random hallway on the 16th floor of a Garment District building. It's hot. There's no order in here. I'm kinda freaking out. Wait, gotta go, I think they're opening the doors." More to come from midtown, where the new-vintage duds are up to 80% off.

10:10 AM

Update 10:10 AM: "Okay, now people are really freaking out in here. The sales people are calling the store for backup. Looks like there are about 50 shoppers, and there's a line to get in. But I don't see a lot of great stuff. Seems like there are only sizes 6, 8, and 10. I see some stuff here that I saw at the Barneys warehouse sale. People are just trying stuff on in a corner."