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N.Y.U. to East Villagers: Keep Your Precious Supermarket

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No news is kinda good news when it comes to the future of the embattled Met Foods on Second Avenue in the East Village. The Villager, who's been following this story like a stalker with no day job, reports that city councilmember Rosie Mendez is now stepping in to try to help broker a deal between the grocery store and N.Y.U. Initially, N.Y.U. planned to kick the store out when its lease was up so they could use the space for their own purposes; that plan went awry when locals and the press caught wind of it. Now, N.Y.U.'s deciding what the best possible strategy is to minimize the blowback and negative attention this whole ordeal has garnered them. “'N.Y.U. initially told me they needed more space and were not going to renew the lease; this was two or three years ago,' Mendez said. 'But now they want to renew. The last offer on the table is for a five-year lease, but commercial tenants always want at least an eight-to-10-year lease, if not a 15-year lease.'" Which means: The (boring) battle has just begun!
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