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RackedWire: Mystery on Broome, UES Gristedes Death

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SOHO—What store, whose name starts with a "B," is opening at 91 Broome Street? Your guess is as The Shophound's, who spotted the mysterious signage (pictured at right) there today. [The Shophound]

UPPER EAST SIDE—Pour a little OE out for the Gristedes store on 72nd Street and First Ave. A tipster: "Just an FYI, my fiancée walked into the Gristede’s on 72nd and 1st and they told him that they are closed. We had heard this was coming and the rumor is that the Duane Reade across the street is going to move over. No big loss, that Gristedes was disgusting and Food Emporium is right across the street." [RackedWire Inbox]