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Rant: Whole Foods Lines 'Infuriating'

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This morning, we posted a photo of a Whole Foods ad outside the subway station at Union Square. The ad read, "A 50 person line has about a 4 minute wait. About as long as you wait for other cashiers to wrap up a personal call." Underneath that, there's the catchphrase: "Shop like you deserve it." But not everyone is buying it (so to speak). From the The Doree Chronicals, in response:

LIARS. Maybe this is true for the express lines. But lately I’ve had too many items for express and I’ve waited for 20 minutes in the regular line. It’s infuriating. It’s especially infuriating to see four or five regular registers closed, leaving around seven open for the whole throng of regular line people while the express people just swan to the front and plunk down $11 for a salad. INFURIATING, I tell you.
Well then. Think up a catchy slogan for that one, Whole Foods.
· Liars [The Doree Chronicals]

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