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Non-Breaking: Starbucks Sweets Unhealthy

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Photo via Flickr/John Elizondo

So...delicious Starbucks pastries are really fattening. That's one of the revelations in a New York Times piece on how calorie counts are being posted in a few chains restaurants around town (also mentioned are Quiznos, Chipotle and Jamba Juice). Some scary Starbucks numbers: a slice of the banana nut cake is 460 calories and a blueberry scone is 480. According to the article, an 'average-size person' should take in 1,700 to about 2,050 calories a day. That means, disgustingly, that three or four of those scones will do you for the day. The coffee is still calorie-light, though, provided you don't fancy it up with syrups and whipped cream. The Times captured a priceless reaction to the posted calorie counts from a Starbucks-goer: "'I’m surprised, especially about the Iced Lemon Loaf,' [academic coordinator Jeannie Soto] said, referring to something that looked like a slice of lemon pound cake with frosting. 'It’s 500 calories. That’s like a Big Mac. It’s like a meal.'” The paper's restaurant critic, Frank Bruni, is also astounded at the numbers. Those bran muffins? Not as healthy as they sound.
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