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Apple FiDi: Are They or Aren't They?

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Photo via TrespassersWill

As we posited last week, Apple may be interested in moving to Fidi. A tipster had sent along word that the company was looking at two properties, 23 Wall Street and 15 Broad Street; of the two, 23 Wall (pictured above) is the clear winner architecturally. Then, later on in the week, ifoAppleStore stated that they had "confirmed" via several unnamed sources that Apple would be choosing 23 Wall to open yet another NYC store. The confirmation doesn't seem too solid, however, as there's no mention of a lease being signed, and the post also cites an old rumor about Apple's interest in Williamsburg (which has since been pretty much abandoned). Apple's walked away from deals before (see the 34th Street mess), so we're reluctant to declare this one a real go until there's a bit more evidence on the table. But seriously, though, how could they pass this one up? Look at that beauty.
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