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Rogan for Target: Plan Your Buying Strategy Now

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It's quite impressive that Rogan Gregory's line for Target has been picked up by Barneys. This isn't the first time that the high-end department store has flirted with fast fashion: the Co-op stores have been stocking Kate Moss' efforts for Topshop for a year now. But Kate's clothes are still priced in the hundreds—the cost of Rogan's garments will be much lower than that. The 100% organic collection is launching in two-and-a-half weeks on the Co-op level of Barneys' flagship on Madison Avenue, and ten days later in Target stores nationwide. A few questions, though: Will Barneys mark the pieces up at all? How much of the collection will they stock? Above, a comprehensive gallery of Rogan for Target to get you excited for May 8th.
UPDATE: A critical addendum to this post, gleaned from Target PR: The Rogan for Target collection will launch to press on May 8th. The public gets a go at it the next day, May 9th, when the store will open at its regular hour of 10am. The Co-op level should be receiving the entire collection, and it won't be marked up at all. Whew.
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