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Shopping PPQ for Ben Sherman

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As quietly as it was announced, the collaboration between London-based label PPQ and Ben Sherman has discreetly landed in the Ben Sherman store at 96 Spring Street (the only place it's available—you cannot purchase it online). The line consists of five different dresses ($300 apiece), each inspired by a decade: there's a black-and-white 60's Mod frock, a paisley-print 70's rock number, a gray-and-black 80's mod outfit, a stripey 90's Britpop look and a boho 00's "Indie" design. A Racked correspondent, who dropped by the store today, noted that their was a surprising surfeit of sizes small and x-small, a few mediums, and hardly any larges. The collection's only been out a week, so if one of the decades appeals to you and the price doesn't dissuade you, hightail it over there soon. As for us, we're partial to this decade's look.
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