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Dealfeed Teaser: Hickey's First Sample Sale

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Close readers will note this Dealfeed "Teaser" business is a break from the usual 24-hour notice on sample sales. Occasionally, when an event of exceptional merit comes along, we will avail you of the information far in advance. This is one of those instances. In other words: use a pen, not a pencil, to mark the calendar. Onward.

Truly great menswear sample sales are few and far between, so it's certainly newsworthy that Hickey, Hickey Freeman's younger, hipper spin-off, is holding its first-ever sample sale next Sunday. If their brand of preppy is your thing, this is an exciting development. The details:

Label: Hickey
Deal: 70% off pants, shirts, polos, sweaters and tailored items (sport jackets, suits)
When/Where: Sunday, April 13th through Thursday, April 17th. Sun 11am—6pm; Mon, Wed 10am—6pm; Tue, Thu 10am—7pm. 261 W 36th St between Seventh and Eighth Aves, second floor (no phone).