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BK Museum's @Murakami LV Shop Shows Itself

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[Photo via Gothamist]

The lucky folks over at Gothamist have scored an early look at the @Murakami exhibition opening at the Brooklyn Museum this Saturday, and its going to be one cartoony, colorful, porny event. According to Takashi Murakami, the 'heart' of the show is a little Louis Vuitton shop (pictured above), where Brooklynites can purchase their own be-logoed purses and wallets. We're not sure why, though: if you click through the gallery of images, the LV shop is really the most boring part of the whole thing. Sadly, there's no images of the much-anticipated Monogramouflage line—monogram + camouflage, of course—as that won't be revealed until June 1st. Anticipation!
UPDATE: Fashion Week Daily's blog Chic Report has a pic of a Monogramouflage item. It's, ah, wow. We're searching for the right sentiment. It's a statement?
· ©MURAKAMI: Brooklyn Museum Photo Gallery [Gothamist]

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