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Fighting, Yelling at Varvatos Bowery Opening Event

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Last night celebrities and rock stars convened on the Bowery for the grand opening of the John Varvatos boutique that's risen in CBGB's old space. A group of activists also showed up to protest the 'co-opting of culture to sell overpriced luxury goods,' and Jeremiah's Vanishing NY documented the whole messy, sad affair.

[Protesters] Rebecca, Billy, and their posse chanted "Down with $800 pants!" Not everyone agreed. Heated exchanges ensued. Arturo Vega, Ramones artistic director and designer of their logo, got into the fray. He had just been telling the documentarian, "It's natural. Everything dies and transforms. The excitement is still here. The tourists will come. In there, you're closer than ever to rock 'n' roll." Now he got up in Rebecca's face...Basically, the screaming match consisted of Vega shouting that Varvatos is a great guy and this store is the best thing that could happen to the CB's space and what would have been better, a fucking bank? a fucking Starbucks?
There's no other option, apparently.
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