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Is Red Hook Ikea's Gain, Fairway's Loss?

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We've known all along that the new Ikea in Red Hook was going to be getting Water Taxi service from Manhattan, but what we didn't know, until we got an email from someone that had been at meeting about the dock behind the store this week, is that the Ikea Water Taxi stop is going to be replacing the Fairway Water Taxi stop after Ikea opens on June 18. Water Taxi has a one-year contract to run from Pier 11 in Manhattan to Ikea and the free service will operate every 40 minutes on weekends. The ferry dock itself is described as "innovative" and designed so it won't create too much shade, which fish don't like. One can imagine that there are no cries of joy at Fairway at losing their Water Taxi service (even if it was only a little bit of Water Taxi service, as it was shut off for the winter in December), though it is just moving down the road.
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