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AT&T Gets Touchy With Microsoft Surface

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Last year, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer officially unveiled Microsoft Surface, which, if we understand correctly, is like a coffee-table-sized touch-screen computer (crazy, right?). Since then, it's been hard to get your hands on the things, unless you attend tech events or are bff with Bill Gates. But now, you can run your hands all over Surface in a few AT&T stores. Specifically, the AT&T store on 51st and Park, which just rolled out two Microsoft Surface displays yesterday.

A tech-minded Racked tipster stopped by earlier today to test Surface out. His report:

It's pretty cool. There's a coverage map that you can drag and zoom with your hands, like a giant iPhone. You can place a display model phone onto the Surface, and it shows you its details. Put two phones on, and it compares them. The display models are detected by scanning a heavy ID/security brick glued to their backs and tethered to the Surface. The specs, service plans, open in little windows that you can shuffle around like pieces of paper. You can even fling them across the screen. The iPhone is NOT available to compare on the display. The salesperson claimed ignorance of why, but I'm sure it's because Microsoft doesn't want it's late-to-the-table (pun intended) touch technology compared with Apple's. The iPhones are now in the back of the store.
Just wash your hands before you touch the thing, okay? We wouldn't want it to get all streaky now.
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