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Now Open: Moscot Has a MePa Moment

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In a 400-square-foot room at the back of their store (previously host to Trovata and Repetto), the staff of MePa's Earnest Sewn Denim Co. have just opened a Moscot store-within-a-store along with a co-branded line of limited-edition glasses. Inside the Moscot corner you can pick up a copy of the press release newspaper Earnest Weekly: Journal of Civilization, which describes the Moscot x Earnest Sewn glasses as fusing Moscot's "classic frame shape with Earnest Sewn's American heritage styling, and featur[ing] a limited edition Buffalo Horn Moscot Lemtosh frame with copper hardware that references Earnest Sewn's signature copper buttons."

The Moscot pop-up will run until May 25th, when Earnest Sewn will undoubtedly be busy prepping for the July opening of their first LA store at 7501 Beverly at Garner, taking the mini-Moscot shop and Babycakes NYC bakery along for the ride.

To cap off the craziness, Earnest Sewn will host iconic tattoo artist Scott Campbell on Mother's Day, who will offer $100 mom tattoos of his own design along with limited edition T-shirts and wallets for the occasion. It's a one-day only event, and really what else did you have planned after brunch at Pastis on Mother's Day?
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