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Racked Mailbag: Drama at Barneys Co-op

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Once in a while, we pull letters from the Racked Inbox and post them for your enjoyment and/or enlightenment. Want to contribute? We're listening. Anonymity always assured.

There's plenty to love about Barneys Co-op: their whimsical displays, the shoe selection, the sales racks. At times, though, the store can be a little lacking in the customer service department. On that note, check out this disturbing report sent in by a Racked informant:

I would like to share a recent incident at Barney's CO-OP in Soho. I left work early on Monday night so I could get to the store before their 7 pm closing time because I had to buy a gift for a friend. I arrived at 6:50 pm with an exact item in mind to purchase and my total transaction should have taken less than 5 minutes. When I arrived at the store the door was locked and gate was half way down.
I knocked on the door and an employee answered and said they were were closed. I said "Please, I know exactly what I want, where it is and I will be very quick." He said, "Sorry we are closed." I looked at my watch to see what time it was. I told him "It says you close at 7 and it is ten 'til." His response was "Well if we waited until 7 to close the door we would never get out of here at 7"!! I said "Really? Then you should put 6:55 on the door." A manager finally let me in.
Though we understand that it's frowned upon to show up so close to closing time, is it too much to expect for a store like Barneys to keep the lights on and the gate up until 7pm? Your thoughts in the comments.

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