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RackedWire: Auction House Coming to the LES

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LOWER EAST SIDE—The geniuses at Grand Opening, who've brought ping-ponging and drive-in movies to the LES, are unveiling their new concept this Saturday. It's an auction house called Everything Must Go. From the release: "Everything Must GO will open on Saturday at 139 Norfolk Street with treasures auctioned to the highest bidder. Preview the goods at the store, Tuesday - Friday, 12 noon - 8 pm, or visit our website at and peruse the inventory at your leisure. Then, on Saturday, come for the sport, the spectacle, a numbered paddle fetish, or just to get something unique. Every Saturday no offer will be refused." They promise an array of items from "the wilds of upstate New York and mad crazy rural Pennsylvania." [RackedWire; UrbanDaddy]