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Shopping Round Two of Gap Design Editions

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Happy with the success of last year's Design Editions launch, Gap has once again turned to a small group of designers for a limited-edition mini-collection of white shirts. The second iteration of Gap Design Editions launched this morning, and while the word frenzy doesn't exactly describe the scene at the store we visited on Fifth Avenue between 17th and 18th Streets (it was pretty tranquil), the shirts were selling briskly. Sales associates told a Racked operative that more than 200 pieces had sold within the store's first 1/2 hour of business, and more are going as we speak. As is the norm with these things, the xs and s sizes are going first. The hottest items seem to be the threeASFOUR tank and dress, and Michael Bastian's western shirt for both men and women. One crucial note: Philip Crangi's jewelry has not made it into stores, and probably won't appear for a few more days (the reason for the delay is unknown).
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