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Disappointments: Shopping Target's Go International Private Label Collection

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Yesterday was the official launch day for Target's Go International Private Collection, a fashion-forward, limited-edition line designed in-house. Either this one was more anticipated than we had realized, or it dropped much earlier than it was supposed to (or both), but by Sunday afternoon the racks at the Atlantic Terminal Mall in Brooklyn were pretty well picked over. Surprising, because the clothing really wasn't good. What we saw was, frankly, awful. This could be chalked up to materials used—some of the silhouettes were nice, and the prints weren't bad, but cheap fabric made many dresses and tops just unwearably tacky. There were a few successful pieces, including a cotton criss-cross dress (warning: it's cut way small), and an ombre stripe top, but on the whole, we weren't terribly impressed with the collection.

What Target did still have a lot of, though, was Loeffler Randall flats—which were released back in December. There were shelves and shelves of them. So if you regretted not scooping a pair up when they first came out, you still have time to do so.
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