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AM Rumormongering: Apple Interested in FiDi?

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[At left, 23 Wall; at right, 15 Broad. Photos via TrespassersWill; click to expand]

It's been rumored that Barneys and Whole Foods are sniffing around the Financial District, but a Racked tipster has just sent word that Apple may also be interested in the neighborhood. Could El Jobso really be checking out storefronts south of Canal? The note:

I sent you a tip awhile back that Barney's was moving to 15 Broad. I also sent you the tip Whole Foods was moving to 23 Wall. Barney's is moving into either 15 Broad or 23 Wall. Whole Foods is not. They looked at the space, but logistically not feasible. The new scoop is that Apple is moving into 15 Broad or 23 Wall. Not sure which store is going where, but Apple and Barney's are going into those 2 spots. Also, notice on page 147 in yesterday's Real Deal under Buys, that the commercial retail space at 15 Broad has been sold for $18.62 million and they are keeping the buyer's name anonymous?
Apple moving into the Financial District sounds completely crazy, yet it'd also be a genius move. And we have a feeling that there might be a granule of truth here. Anyone know more?
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