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High/Low: Gap Design Editions On Real Bodies

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At right, a 3.1 Phillip Lim look for Gap Design Editions; at left, a dress from threeASFOUR

Bright and early tomorrow morning, Gap stores across the country will unveil the company's new Design Editions collection. Tops and dresses inspired by the classic white button-down shirt have been whipped up by 3.1 Phillip Lim, Band of Outsiders, threeASFOUR and Michael Bastian; Philip Crangi has come up with a black-and-white jewelry collection to pair with the clothing. The folks over at Nylon, who seem as excited by the prospect of cheap Phillip Lim and threeASFOUR as we are, were able to procure some Design Editions samples to try on. The verdict: Thankfully, the pieces seem to be flattering on real bodies (those are Nylon staffers, above), and not just on the models in Gap's adverts. The clothing won't be available at every Gap store (call before you go), but it will be available on
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