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First Look: Inside Armani's Midtown Masterpiece

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It was almost a year ago that designer Giorgio Armani broke the news of the crazy-huge store he was planning for Fifth Avenue in Midtown. To refresh your memory, Armani is going to house all his lines—from high-end to junior, Casa to fragrance—under one roof, and will also open some sort of restaurant/bar, flower shop, candy shop and beauty area in the same building. Today, we get an early glimpse of the majesty he's got in store for 717 Fifth. The space is still very raw, of course: Given his lofty plans, the flagship will take another year to complete. This morning, it was clear that all traces of former tenant Hugo Boss have been eradicated, and construction teams were busy carting supplies in and out. It's hard to tell if the staircase at the front will be a permanent fixture, or if it's just temporary, but the sheer size and scale of it all is impressive.
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