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Making Better Use Of: Always A Seat at Mango

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This is Making Better Use Of..., in which we explore ways to make better use of certain stores' sideshow features. All retail sideshows—in-store book signings, DJed trunk shows, say, or the classic hipster boutique's cocktail hour—are designed for the express purpose of increasing your cash output. You should at least have a good time whilst you're getting gouged.

What with dodging European tourists and avoiding a capella performances, shopping in Soho can be rather trying. Sometimes a brief rest is all that's needed to recharge between credit card swipes. Lucky for us, Mango on Broadway does not skimp on the seating. Most stores in the area have one, maybe two chairs for loitering. But Mango has gone the overkill route with at least a dozen places to chill while the lady tries on short-shorts and maxi dresses with matching bangles. On any given Sunday, there will no doubt be a spot for you to relax, check the BlackBerry and approve/disapprove purchases. Also makes a nice alternative to the elbow jabbing at Dean & Deluca, which could take a lesson from this Spanish chain's hospitality.
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