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Reusable Totes, (Still) The New Must-Have

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It seems like everyone but the folks at our local bodega are forsaking plastic bags for canvas ones and City Room's post on another Whole Foods reusable tote only further reinforces the thought that most stores are finally getting it. Though bringing a cloth sack with you on a shopping trip is not exactly a new idea, people in the retail industry really sat up and took notice when designer Anya Hindmarch released her I'm Not a Plastic Bag to frenzied crowds last summer. Flickr user The Idealist has also noticed an uptick in the amount of resuable totes out there on the market, and has been dutifully uploading images of them to the Racked Flickr Pool. Above, a gallery of her most recent shots, which prove that everyone from Bed Bath & Beyond to Ricky's wants to make money off this trend.
· Green-Bagging It: For $11.99, It Comes in Cotton [City Room]