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Rumormongering: Chocolate Bar Migrating to East Seventh Street?

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More from the candy beat this morning: Yesterday's breaking news of the impending closure of West Village's Chocolate Bar, purveyor of tasty hot chocolate and kickass candy bars, wasn't the end of the story for the popular shop. While Chocolate Bar will be leaving its original home at Eighth Avenue between Jane and Horatio Streets at the end of April, it will not be departing the Village entirely. Chocolate Bar staffers say that they will likely assume a space in the East Village on Seventh Street, between First Avenue and Avenue A. They were keen on a space in Chelsea, but the commercial rents in East Village are more affordable.

The East Village is not exactly lacking for sweetspots or cafes, what with Mud Coffee, Cafe Pick Me Up, Sympathy for the Kettle, Max Brenner, and Starbucks in the vicinity. However, Chocolate Bar out-charms all these places combined, so there's really no comparison.
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