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Discontinued: Soho MoviebankUSA Out of Service

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MoviebankUSA, the fully automated video chain, opened a 500-square foot outpost in Soho to much fanfare a few years back. But it looks like their West Houston Street hub for 24/7 movie and video game rentals is officially dunzo. The store, located between West Broadway and Wooster Streets, was recently shuttered and then papered shortly thereafter; workers on site confirmed that a lingerie shop will rise in its place.

Calls into the company's Customer Service line resulted in a dead-end operator reply. The situation is perplexing...we often saw people renting and returning DVDs at their Houston Street location, and their website lists expansion plans to Leonard Street in the 'Burg. Of course, a move like that might be a little, ah, risky considering Netflix's current dominance of the movie-rental market. Stay tuned...
· MoviebankUSA [Official Site]